Wheel Stop Applications

JPK Bollards is Canberra's premier wheel stop and speed hump company.

JPK sepcialises in all types of wheel stop and speed hump applicaitons for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Like our Bollards and Tactiles the range of wheel stop applications are extensive. Wheel stops are generally utilised for the following purpposes:

  • Pedestrain Safety
  • Parking Identification
  • Parking Locating
  • Asset Protection
wheel stops

Aditional Applications

Speed Humps

JPK can also instal speed humps for both private, domestic and commercial purposes. Those who take advantage of our services are body coporates, large unit complexes, local government and councils, schools, universities, companies with large access routes.


JPK can also install a range of signage options. These relate to general traffic and parking options as well as directional signage for all purposes.

wheel stops